Live more fully.

Do you long for a more optimistic and productive mindset?Are you seeking more direction in your life and a greater sense of purpose?Do you want to strengthen your resiliency?Are you dealing with grief and loss?Are you looking to quiet your mind and deepened your connection with the forest?

Meet your coach and forest therapy guide,
Chip Matthews

I help others to develop a more optimistic and creative mindset so that they can better manage life’s ups and downs.I help those seeking life direction to increase their self awareness, identify their core values, develop achievable goals, and define their purpose.I help others to enhance their resiliency and bounce back from difficult life events.I help those dealing with grief and loss to map out a healing journey and regain joy.I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, a Masters in Public Administration. I am certified Professional Coach and a certified Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guide.Throughout my career, I have conducted numerous workshops on leadership, values clarification, intention and mission development, creative solution finding, bystander intervention, team building, ethical leadership, wellbeing, and conflict resolution.I have also taught college courses in leadership theory, interpersonal skills, career and educational planning, and group dynamics and I am an Adult Mental Health First Aid USA Instructor.I have worked in the field of Higher Education, including the areas of Residence Life, Student Life, and New Student Orientation, for over 25 years where I have helped students learn and develop through involvement and increased self-awareness.

My intention

It is my intention to partner with others as they learn, develop, and find a greater sense of purpose and curiosity through the use of humor, creativity, and enthusiasm.

My values

I value working hard, being creative, being curious, being flexible, doing the right thing, having hope, learning, showing compassion, showing enthusiasm, and having fun.

My coaching philosophy

Working with a coach can be life changing. I work as a partner with clients in an exploratory process to identify creative ways to live more fully. This coaching partnership can help in personal and professional areas by revealing potentially new sources of inspiration, achievement, leadership, and impact.

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